EarthBodyBoat: The Queer Journey of a Somatic Earth Artist  

A book in process ~                                                                                                                                                 

Earthbodyboat is the artist’s journal and memoir of Ahjo, a queer feminist. When a crisis erupts at a political event, Ahjo faces the possibility of needing to build a defense of their right to expose their naked female nipples as a means of artistic expression and resistance. In response, they embark on a deep creative process, exploring multiple art forms, selves and bodies as they navigate the stormy waters between the personal and the political. Along the way, Ahjo encounters ancestors, Baba Yaga, spirits of the land, The Crone, and a host of other travelers of liminal spaces who have much to say after generations of silence. Journeying beyond the binary genders to new spaces and identities, Earthbodyboat brings back marvels and medicines.