Offerings of Sound and Prayer From our Baba Yaga by Ahjo Sipowicz

Performed at The Feral Howl Performance Night

Jan. 20, 2018

Freeform Art Space, Santa Fe NM.

Emcee: Kristin Barendsen

Video production by Giuseppe Quinn,

Title music "BabaEarthBody Song" by Ahjo K. Sipowicz

"The Feral Howl: A Feminist Response to Our Time" was an exhibition mounted at Freeform Art Space and curated by The Furies Art: Kristin Barendsen, Patti Levey & Lauren Ayer.

Art visible in this video by Ahjo, The Furies, Sarah Hewitt, and Alicia Piller

This performance came directly out of a yearlong process of creating my book, EarthBodyBoat. After all that time, sitting at my computer, I was finally able to express and share some of the ideas I had been working with in a more immediate way. The full story of my relationship to Baba Yaga can be found in the book.
I always find it helpful to dialogue between art mediums. The following is a documentation of some of the images and videos I played with during the creation of this piece.

(click on each image to see larger and read more)